About us – old

HELP vzw is a Belgian non-profit organisation operating in the medical sector. It has started its humanitarian missions some 15 years ago in Africa and Asia.

Its members, operational and non-operational, belong to the most professional and most specialist individuals in different medical disciplines, who have decided to start humanitarian missions, sacrificing their own holidays and free time for the cause of a helping hand in healthcare where needed. They received their education in Belgian, European and US high schools and universities. All team members operate on a free basis and contribute financially to their own missions.

The funding consists of individual contributions of the team members and of free gifts by individuals and/or service clubs/sponsors in Belgium. HELP vzw does not work with donor organisations and has no links with any company, political, religious or economic organisation. In this respect, HELP vzw is fully independent and neutral in all its aspects.

HELP vzw is recognised by the Belgian Government and by Belgian Law. Gifts by Belgian citizens, companies and organisations to the benefit of HELP vzw receive a special fiscal treatment for which it provides the necessary certification.

The mission of HELP vzw is:

  • to take initiatives, nationally and internationally, in order to improve the health and the healthcare of individuals and communities;
  • to build and support medical teams that operate in short-term missions regarding medical prevention, healthcare and education;
  • to transfer medical and practical knowledge and competence to local medical personnel and medical organisations;
  • logistical support, delivery of medical and paramedical materials and drugs for hospitals, rest-homes, etc. as well as the transportation of those materials.

Activity Area

  • Maxillofacial surgery (open palate and open cleft lips)
  • Gynaecological surgery (vesico-vaginal fistulae, …)
  • Ophthalmology
  • Prenatal consultations
  • Abdominal operations
  • Hernia inguinalis, hernia umbilicalis, hydrocoele and fymosis
  • Goiters and all tumours or cysts of the neck
  • Plastic surgery
  • Dental extractions
  • Transfer of knowledge and competencies to local staff

The estimated worth of the mission is near to 75.000 US $ ( +/- 67.500 €).